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All About My Hair Extensions

October 3, 2017

 Whether you just cut your hair, want fuller looking locks or simply enjoy switching it up from time to time, hair extensions will surely elevate any look. I have recently received many questions on my hair extensions and I can’t wait to share with you my experience, the good and the bad. So, before you decide on making a purchase, I have given some insight into what brands are trustworthy and others that have not lived up to the expectations.


What brand of hair extensions should I purchase?


I have tried everything from Sally Hansen extensions, to House of Beauty, and even contemplated getting Great Length extensions done professionally in a salon. After I had chopped my hair off last September I went through immediate withdraw as it became difficult for me to change my look up on a day to day basis. Having super long hair in high school, I figured it was time for a change and boy did I need it. More than half of my hair was dead and unhealthy. Now that it has finally starting to grow back, I purchased the Bellami Hair Extensions and they worked wonders!


Bellami, is one of the best-known hair extensions on the market today. I have done countless research before purchasing by checking other popular bloggers on their YouTube channels who had given their honest reviews of the product. I also throughly compared the quality of the hair (how long they last, where it comes from) and the options they have in terms of color and length. Bellami has worked with big name celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Guy Tang, Lily Ghalichi, and Amrezy. Now, just because a celebrity endorses a product does not mean that it is the best of the best. However, looking at the products they offer it absolutely speaks for themselves.


What types of extensions do they offer?


The reason I am head over heels for these hair extensions is because they have such a large variety. It is nearly impossible for you to not find the exact color of your hair. Whether it is platinum blonde, ombre, silver, red, purple or jet black, Bellami will have what you are looking for. I was skeptical at first, but Guy Tang makes the ombre extensions in either brunette or blonde. I have purchased the “Guy Tang – Balayage 220G 22” Ombre Hair Extensions #8 Ash Brown/ 60 Ash Blonde.”


Now, what does this really mean? The most amazing part of this company is that it offers hair extensions in thicker bundles and length compared to other brands. These extensions are 22 inches long with 220 grams of hair that comes in 10 clip in pieces. You can even go thicker than this too, but because my hair is on the thinner side I wanted to make sure it would not place too much weight on my real hair, causing breakage and damage. 


Whether you are looking for a shorter length with less thickness, or longer hair with more thickness, they have that available. And, one of the greatest parts about this company is that they always seem to have a sale or a giveaway! I have received a free ponytail extension with my purchase, and my sister had received a free curler with her hair purchase. Look out for those deals on their Instagram account so you don’t miss out!


What if it doesn’t match my hair color when I receive it?


I was lucky enough to have found an exact match, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out that way. The best part of Bellami is that the company will send you a small clip in extension with your hair bundle you purchased. You can open the small clip in then test and see if it works with your hair color. If it does not, simply package it up and send it back to the company. Some companies will not give you a refund, which makes it difficult to trust in the color you see online versus your actual hair color.


How much do they cost?


The extensions that I have purchased cost about $300. Not all of the extensions are priced this high on their website. It all depends on how thick your bundle is and how long of the hair extension you desire. I know that may seem steep, however, I found that purchasing cheap extensions in the past simply does not look as natural and blend with my real hair. I recommend spending a few extra bucks on quality hair extensions as it will pay for itself in the years to come. Bellami hair is 100% real human hair, processed, colored and dyed perfectly as it curls and straightens just like your own hair. So, before you decide to purchase hair extensions from another company, check out their website and their Instagram accounts to see before and after pictures!

Happy Shopping!


 My Bellami Hair Extensions:

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