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Falling in Love With the City of Love

January 8, 2018


 Bonjour everyone! Now that I am back in the states and have had some down time after the hectic holiday season, I wanted to share a few of my favorite places to see in Paris, the do’s and don’ts that I learned while there, and of course where we ate because I am a huge foodie! The city of love truly and whole-heartedly is the most breathtaking city I have ever experienced in my life and for good reasons...


While traveling to Paris for a week with my family we had stayed at The Peninsula Hotel where the service was unlike anything I had ever experienced. And yes, everyone that I met there was beyond friendly and accommodating (I don’t know why that stereotype even exists)! Not to mention the amount of bread I consumed ultimately turned me into a walking carb. But, seriously though, they offer bread with every meal and you can bet I took every baguette that was in front of me.



1. You must see all the tourist destinations (obviously)! This includes The Palace of Versailles, Notre Dame de Paris, Museum de Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and of course The Arc de Triomphe. Just as you would travel anywhere else, there are always iconic staples that are a must to check off the bucket list. But, in this instance, there was so much more than just these five. From the museums to the champagne district outside the main city, Paris had hidden gems everywhere you looked. But, in order to see the main attractions, you need a car service to get around. Walking to these locations is NOT an option as everything is very spread out throughout the city especially Versailles which took about a half hour to get to.


2. Being a HUGE foodie, I enjoy trying everything and anything, except mushrooms. Mushrooms just have a weird texture I can’t get past. I always like to try food that is unique to the area. I tried escargot, which surprisingly was pretty tasty! Onion soup and chicken liver are also on almost every menu, and man was it amazing. Parc, a popular restaurant in Philadelphia that I dine at from time to time offers all of these dishes too, so if your in the area check it out before heading to Paris to get an idea of what to expect!



3. During this trip, my family and I had went through a tour guide company where they plan everything for you. We used The Roman Guy where our tour guide, Brian, met us at the hotel in the morning with a car and took us to the places we wanted to see. He custom tailored everything to our liking so we were able to make the most out of the time we were there. It was one thing to see the sites, but to truly learn about what you're looking at makes it that much more meaningful and memorable. I know what you’re thinking. Danielle, that sounds boring. But, it truly was the opposite. He was fun, energetic and passionate about the city he lived in which made us even that much more interested in the tour. And a bonus? The company pre-purchases tickets to popular destinations such as the Louvre and Versailles so you skip the millions of people in line and walk straight in. Trust me, the lines are easily over two hours.



1. I only had one complaint while there; DO NOT go up the Eiffel tower without ordering tickets beforehand. My sister and I went without tickets and we waited in line for four hours. No, I am not making this up. From the security line, to the ticket purchasing line, to another security line, to the line to get into the small cart to go up, to the line to get off half way up the tower, to the line for the second cart, it was NOT worth it. Buy them online and save the hassle. Oh, and check with an attaendant and make sure the forecast is clear. From the ground it may look fine, but once we FINALLY reached the top, all we saw were clouds. So, all in all we wasted four hours in the freezing cold to see clouds….


Here is the link to purchase tickets - Click Here

Where To Eat?


Every meal we had was about three hours long from beginning to end. The difference between America and Paris when it comes to food is that they tend to look at every plate as its own individual art form, in my opinion. They don’t want to rush you, instead they want you to take in every flavor and aroma to truly be in the moment. I know this is difficult to do for us as we are always on the go, but it was a nice change of pace to finally relax and take in everything about the meal.


Feel free to click on the restaurant name as it will bring you right to their own personal website so you can browse the menus and ambiance. 


1. Epicure – A three Michelin star restaurant with beautiful scenery of the hotel’s gardens lit up at night.  


2. L'Oiseau - Amazing views of the Eiffel Tower while you dine. Be sure to request a table by the window. 


3. Le Pre Catelan - Seculded and tucked away in its own private estate, this restaurant feels as though you are dining in a castle. And for all my cheese fanatics out there, they have an amazing cheese cart selection!


4. Le Jules Verne - One of the many restaurants in the Eiffel Tower, you can experience a meal while being directly inside the tower itself! 


5. L'Avenue - While shopping the stores on the strip, take a break at this beautiful restaurant on the corner. Not to mention, famous celebrities are often spotted here!


6. Le Cinq - Located at The Four Seasons, this restaurant was one of my favorite in terms of their desserts and the surprises they have in store for their customers. The centerpiece for our table was a large Christmas tree which we later found out (during our dessert course) was entirely made of chocolate and completely edible! 

To shop my looks from my Paris trip follow me on Instagram at @Danimaiale or shop directly from this blog post in the "shop" tab above! If you have any questions about my trip or want to know more, message me. I would be more than happy to chat!


And of course, Merry Christmas everyone! 









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