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Highlights that POP

October 3, 2018

If you were asked what are three makeup products you simply could not leave the house without? My first would be concealer, followed by mascara and finally a good highlighter! Highlighter is applied to more than just the cheek bones, in fact I use it in four different places on my face! Using it correctly as well as finding the right one will make all the difference. But, what’s the point of applying highlighter if it doesn’t show up in pictures?! Don’t worry, I will tell you what products I use to achieve that blinding glow, where to apply it and how to make it appear in the photos you take. 


Outfit details - Click Here


Step 1 


Purchase the right highlighter. Some are more pigmented than others and that means that you are going to get a thicker application than others. My top highlighters that I swear by are listed below along with the correct brushes to apply them. I use one powder highlight along with a liquid to gain that super shiny finish! 


Becca Cosmetics in Champagne Pop  - Click Here


Cover FX in Moonlight  - Click Here 


Fan Brush - Click Here


Small Brush - Click Here


Beauty Blender - Click Here


Step 2 


Now that you have the correct products and brushes to apply them, where do you actually place them? The first place is right above the cheek bone. Use the “Cover FX Moonlight” and apply a small drop of the liquid highlight onto the Beauty Blender. The sponge brush will then be applied to the cheek using a light tapping motion, not a smear. Next, take your fan brush and sift it into the Becca highlight. Use this over the highlight on the cheek once it has dried and also begin applying it onto the bridge and tip of your nose. I also like to highlight my cupid's bow (above the upper lip) to give the impression of bigger lips and pout. Next, take your small brush and WET the brush in water. This will make the highlight 10x more pigmented and stand out. Place the wet brush into the corner of your eyes and under your eyebrows in the arch. This will be sure to pop!


Step 3


Take the perfect picture with the highlight. Always remember to be facing the sun. Tilt your head toward the light and it should reflect off! Still not seeing the results you want? Head into the application on your smartphone called “Facetune” and hit the “detail” button on the bottom. Use this feature to gently touch the highlight and it will instantly look shiner. Still not satisfied? Download “Snapseed” on your smartphone. There is a feature called “selective” where you can brighten just a selected area of the picture and not the entire photo! Make a circle around the highlight and keep raising the brightness until you achieve the perfect glow!


Time to start highlighting! Tag me in your photos on Instagram  (@Danimaiale) if you have used any of these products or tips that I have listed, I would love to share on my own page! 





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