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My First Microblading Experience - AMG Beauty Bar

January 16, 2019

I am guilty of over plucking my eyebrows despite how many times my mom has warned me to put down the tweezers. It honestly came to the point where even filling them in with a makeup pencil was not doing the trick. I kept telling myself that they will grow back, but after about two years I just had to face the fact they were not going to be the same as they once were. I contemplated getting my eyebrows microbladed for awhile now, but it came down to finding the right person to do that for me. After all, it’s your eyebrows and they need to be on fleekkkk. 


I have followed AMG Beauty Bar on Instagram (@amgbeautybar) and followed Ashley Gallo’s work since she started the business. The business account shows before and after pictures and videos of her work and I must say it is unbelievable! I called AMG and scheduled an appointment to have my eyebrows done with Ashley and it was one of the best decisions I have made. But, what exactly is microblading for those who don’t know? It is a semi-permanent technique to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows by making thin lines into the skin with a blade that is formed by small needles. It sounds scary, but it doesn’t hurt! It is only a slight discomfort, but absolutely nothing you can’t handle, I promise! 


Her place is located right by the King of Prussia Mall which is only a short 40 minute drive if you live in Philly like I do. The first hour consisted of measuring and outlining my eyebrows. Ashley took her time to ensure that my arch and length were exactly where it should have been before I plucked it away. We then moved into a room where she prepped the exact color of my brows. She placed numbing cream on and began mimicking the hairs of my brows one stoke at a time. Chatting away and listening to music over the speakers, the time flew by! When I was able to see the results in the mirror I couldn’t contain my excitement and started screaming! Ashley had FINALLY given me my eyebrows back and they looked better than my real ones, lol! 


The aftercare though is the most important part to this. You can’t wear makeup for two weeks and must follow all of the guidelines given to you on a pamphlet before you leave. I went back two months later following my first appointment as she likes to have clients back in to fix any areas that may have faded while healing. If you are on the fence about getting yours done, don’t hesitate like I did - go for it! Ashley releases her appointments on her website ( every three months for new clients to book so stay on the lookout for when a spot becomes available! 


Eyebrows are once again on FLEEK! 



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