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Makeup Organizational Tip

January 17, 2019


I started my freshman year of college carrying around a small makeup box and by senior year I ended up with an entire ten drawer cart. Goes to show how much my makeup collection has grown over the years, huh? I couldn’t stand having all of my makeup overlapping other products and not to mention it gets super dirty if one product spills or breaks in the bag - which happened a lot. Being type-A and overly organized, I went online to try to see what I could use to seperate all of my products and make getting ready ten times faster! If you are in the same boat as I was, I guarantee this will help make your life so much easier! 


This clear, ten drawer organizer in frosted white has been a life saver when it comes to putting on makeup. It took me about fifteen minutes to assemble when it shipped and the best part about it are the wheels. Whenever I have my girlfriends over I just wheel the cart into my bathroom where we can all get ready together without having to run back and forth to grab a product. 


I organized the drawers by placing my hair products in the top (bobby pins, brushes, clips and hair ties) and then I placed all of my makeup brushes in the one below it. The other drawers are categorized by foundations and concealers, bronzer and powders, blush, highlighters, eye products (eyeliner, lashes, mascara), makeup palettes and individual pots, and finally my lipsticks and liners. You can even decorate the top with plants, perfumes and pictures to match your room! Hopefully this little tip makes your life easier as it did mine!



To purchase this organizer, click HERE!

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